FPP Dashboard alert

When will I get a dashboard alert to make FPP (staying on site) and what will it say? Today, it says I have 61 days until my trip (July 16). I want to be ready for 11:00 p.m. CDT, whichever day it is that my window opens up. Thanks!

If today is day 61 tonight is your night!

Great! That’s what I was thinking, but not getting any alert about it similar to the one for 180-day ADR was a bit unsettling.

@len - I would like to see an automatic dashboard alert at 61 days out that says “Make FPP at midnight Eastern tonight!”, or maybe even one a day earlier that says “Tomorrow night make FPP at midnight Eastern.” I realize that is only for those on-site. The others should get one at 31 days.

The one for ADRs works great, but those start early the next morning. There is time to get ready. I will make sure to spend time today reviewing my plans for our trip!

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Aaarrrggghhh! I just went back to my dashboard, and now I see the alert. It showed up at 7:00 CDT (per my email notice). I still think there’s room for improvement in the way it’s worded, to emphasize that this window opens at midnight Eastern.

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We hear the FP reservation window is switching to 7 AM Eastern. I’ll see if we can adjust the alert time too.

Just FYI I read yesterday that the FP+ window is opening at 7am EST now as well rather than midnight the night before.