FPP Conflicts with ADRs

Hi everyone,
Tomorrow is the big day for me! FPP day! I have a question. If I select a FP time that conflicts with an ADR will it allow me to continue? Or will it stop me and tell me I have a conflict?

I’m hoping it allows me to book over the top. I really don’t care as much about my ADRs.


It will remind you of your ADR, but still allow you to book the FPP as you expect. Good luck!


@AkronAaron Thanks!!! I didn’t want to be in the middle of the reservation and create extra steps while I am trying to secure hard to get FPs.

If you have any flexibility, I recommend looking at the Dibb to make sure everything you want is available. FoP was gone at 60+2 on my FPP day this past weekend, but 7DMT had good availability, so switching some planned days landed me both FPPs without a problem during our trip. SDD had good availability, thankfully.


@AkronAaron I’ve been looking at Dibb. I have already moved my HS day to +4 for the very reason that I want an am or early pm SDD.

Also, I decided to get AK After hour tickets so I don’t have to think about FOP!

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