FPP choices

I still have about 25 days until my FPP date but I thought I would get the current Liner pics for best uses of FPP in each park. We will have hoppers but I still think I will book them in the am for the first park and see what is left to add after we hop. Only exception may be the day we have MK morning and DHS evening. I may use them for the evening to ensure TSMM.
Any tips appreciated. Thanks!

My DSs are in their teens so my list may look different than what you’d pick. For MK, I’m going to try for 7DMT (no need for A&E in our family but that would be a top pick for many!!), Splash and Space. We won’t be hopping this time so I’m going to try to get these beginning late morning. For EP, Soarin’ (will do TT at RD), SE, and Nemo. For HS, TSSM, Star Tours and ToT (yikes - I said I’d never do it again!!!). Will do single rider line if necessary for RnR. For AK, Safari, KRR and EE. Hope that helps! :slight_smile:

Thanks @LoveBug53. This trip is adults only so unless my sis has a dream of meeting A & E we will skip that too. Plan to do all the ones you mentioned, except EE, so your list definitely helps.

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I am surprised that Nemo would warrant a FP but since I love that ride I may have to do that. So my EP may be Soarin, Nemo and Maelstrom and take our chances on SE.

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Nemo wasn’t really necessary for a FPP, you’re right. We plan to tour the WS in the later evening and hope to get a 4th FPP for Maelstrom then but weren’t too sure of our timing this far in advance. If not, we’ll likely just wait in the standby line for it. We love SE and the way our TP worked, it fell right around the noon hour which happened to be the busiest part of the day for it. I chickened out of EE last time but am determined to ride it with the rest of my family this time. I think. Maybe. :wink:

Check out http://touringplans.com/walt-disney-world/fastpass for general FPP information, and follow the links in it for specific guidance for each park. In general I advise making Personalized Touring Plans for each park and letting the Optimizer help you determine the best FPP reservations given what you want to do.