FPP Change Notice Never Went Away, Funny

This has been at the top of My Reservations page since last year:

My Plans Change There's been a change to your FastPass+ selection for Splash Mountain on 10/27/2013. Visit My Plans for details.

Still kind of freaks me out. stuck_out_tongue

Someone get @PianoMinnie a Delorean. She has a FPP window to make.


I have the same thing from last March, but I think it's for Splash!

I have the same thing for Test Track for last October, too!
Very annoying, because if I really do get a NEW FPP change, I probably won't notice it.

Call Len for time travel! lol

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There's a little X on the top right corner of the message. You have to click that to dismiss it. Just viewing the message doesn't make it go away.

@Mr_Itty to the rescue! smile

I'm going to assume you didn't mean that to be as condescending as it sounded. There's no button to dismiss it on MY page, and if there was, I would have clicked it. smile

Wasn't being condescending at all, actually. It took me a while to figure it out too. If I recall correctly, the X only appears as you're hovering your mouse over the notice. It's not on this image from late last year, but I know I clicked an X to close it.

Thanks again....tried that too. Still there. Oh well, I've lived with it this long. smile

Here's a new one from this year:

There was an issue retrieving your reservations. Please try again later.

Right above my reservations. HA!