FPP Booking Questions!

Sorry, for more FPP questions… it’s just so confusing and I’m getting anxious as my 30 day window is approaching (finally!) I have 2 big questions:

1.) I am booking FPP for 6 people. If I am able to get an experience for 3 of us, then can I book another FPP for the other 3? For ex, If I can get TSMM for 3 of us, can I book Beauty and the Beast for the other 3 since the 2 experiences are both in tier 1? Or if we are at MK and I can get 2 A&E, can I book a different experience for the other 4 party members?

2.) If I am able to book an experience for 1 person, should I book it for my 3 year old and then I can come with her? Or is that not allowed? Likewise, if I book an experience for myself, can my child who is under 7 come with me without his/her own FPP?

I hope that those questions make sense! Thanks!

  1. Yes, you can make different FPP bookings for everyone in your group.
  2. AFAIK, each ticket-holding person must have the FPP booked - no one can come with someone who holds an FPP if they do not have one as well. You can do some tricky things with Child Swap, but as DD is 17 I no longer pay attention to such things - perhaps someone else can chime in with details.