FPP Booking Qs

I’ve done the FPP booking run around a few times, but have a few questions based on new scenarios I’ve yet to experience. FP day is May 2:

  1. We have date specific tickets this time around (starting July 3). I hopped on the app today to make sure that nothing opened early and the app gives me the “Does everyone have tickets?” warning. Do we think this is just because the window hasn’t opened? I’ll have to book from my phone because I’ll be at work; so I’ll likely be using the app on Thursday.

  2. We have 5 day park hopper tickets. This is the first time we are not doing consecutive park days. I don’t have to do anything special to skip a date, do I? Assuming I just select my date and book and that the site/app will let me book up to 5 separate dates.

Thinking all is well - just being paranoid since with the date specific tickets and 60 day window I can’t go in and mess around with stuff.


1 yes
2 no

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You’re fine I had the same pop up before my 60 day mark. Good luck and enjoy.

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Thanks for the confirmations (and for fixing my paranoia - at least this particular one :grimacing:)

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