FPP Booking and the number of days you will be in the park

Does the number of days you can book FPP depend on the number of days you have purchased for tickets? For example, if you have 3 day WDW tickets, but your vacation is 6 days, can you book FPs for all six days (just in case your plans change or you add days) even though you have only 3 days of tickets or will the site restrict you to only 3 days of FPs?

You can only book FPP for the number of days of tickets–so you can only hold 3 days of FPP in this case.


Yes, you can only book for the day of tickets you have. They do not have to be consecutive. I have a 13 day trip with 10 day tickets. I skipped 3 days throughout the trip and have 10 days of FPs including the last day of our trip.

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That’s what I thought, but I wanted to make sure.
Thank you both.