FPP booked for us & off site guest

I know that this has been posted before but I wanted to confirm for new liners.

We are staying on site so I just booked our 60 + 10 days out FPPs.
My son’s family is staying off site but is on our “Friends and Family” list.
Any FPP that I booked, I was able to book my son’s family on the SAME FPP.
This worked out good, as he would not have been able to get Slinky Dog or FOP.

When we are not touring together then he will have to wait until the 30 day window to book the rest of his own FPP.


Thanks. I did this in 2016 and was hoping it still worked this way.

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Can these same friends and family access the EMH with you as well?

No, Only those with a resort stay will be able to get into EMH.

Except if you have a PPO breakfast, but then they would have to wait until normal park opening before they could ride.