FPP availability this morning

Just thought I would share that this morning I was able to easily get all the FPPs we wanted at the times I was aiming for including SDD at 60+4, FOP at 60+2, and SDMT at 60+5. All for party of 5. I had been watching The Dibb so I knew that morning for SDD and FOP on those days would be out or very unlikely, so I had planned TPs with those in the evening. We take a mid-day break so afternoon is least appealing for us. But I did check and there were lots of afternoon and evenings times available for both SDD and FOP this morning. Hope this is encouraging for those whose 60 day FPP window is approaching soon.


Congrats ! Great planning!

I am grateful for those who have shared the Dibb link on the forum. If you know going in what your options are likely to be, it is easy to plan around those likelihoods and then not have to scramble to try to make something work in the rush of your FPP window opening up. It would have been fine and worked out either way, but there was no stress because of the Dibb tracking. I love that they track each day and not just general trends. Other days in the week we are going have different availability for those same rides so though general trends in availability are certainly helpful, their calendar showing each specific day is fantastic.