FPP+ Availability Indiana Jones 11/30

Just wanted to ask in case somebody has some insider information on why I’ve been seeing what I’ve been seeing. We’ll be at HS on Wednesday, 11/30. I wanted to get FPP+ for Indiana Jones for the 1st show that day, but even 60 days out from my 11/26 check-in, the earliest FPP+ was the 3rd scheduled show … 2:30pm-ish.

Weird, right? I check Lines each morning to see the next available same-day FPP+ time for the show and the 1st show is always available. Just not sure why the first two scheduled shows had FPP+ eaten up so quickly … or, maybe they were never made available? Any chance the 1st two showtimes are only tentative? Insight/insider information would be appreciated. Thanks.

Sometimes not all of the times come up. Go to the FPP you already have and click modify. Other times should come up there if they are available.
Sorry if you already did this… Just trying to help.
Good luck!!! Hope you get it!

Thanks. When I initially booked FPP+ for (this day anyway) 64 days out, the early shows weren’t available. Either they were really taken - which would be weird - or they were never made available. Each day I’ve been trying to modify the FPP+ reservation to pull the earlier time - I’ll just keep doing that and hope the early times eventually do become available.

Aww good luck! Let me know if you get it!