Going to HS in June before TSL opens. Going to get FPP for Star Tours and possibly TSMM IF that is available when we go but probably wont be. We won’t be riding ToT or Rockn Roller Coaster. What should we use our other 1 or possibly other 2 FPP on?

I am also going in June. After the rides that you have already listed that you are and are not riding, my custom plans are suggesting Frozen Sing-a-long and the Indiana Jones show.

As Tier 1, I would suggest Fantasmic! if you plan to see it and you don’t already have the Dinner Package.
True, it kills the opportunity to get a 4th FP+, but it shoud not be a main concern in HS where you’ll only see shows (except for Star Tours).

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I’m in the same boat. We were thinking TSMM, ST, and Muppets. I guess we could do IJESS. Our last day is 6-26 I’m hopping for a soft opening, not to ride just to walk through or in my case scoot (ECV)

Fantasmic is usually an easy 4th FP to get, unless you’re going at a really busy time.

I would go for one of the shows, if you’re seeing any, and then get F! after.

We have a package for Fantasmic already, but I appreciate the suggestion! I guess we will do ST, Frozen Sing Along, and keep a look out for TSMM. If no TSMM, then we’ll FP Muppets? I’m assuming none of the character meets such as Chewbacca or Kylo Ren are FPP?

Muppets is continuous shows anyway. FPs don’t really help much. But might as well, unless you’re seeing any other shows. Indy? One of my favourite things anywhere at WDW!

I don’t think any M&Gs are FP+ at DHS.

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I will likely get an Indy fastpass. I have been on a day where the theater was full and I didn’t get a chance to see the show, and I am trying to follow the mantra “Trust the plan…Trust the plan…”

Normally I wouldn’t “waste” a FP on a show, but when there are only three rides at HS with FPs available and two of them are on the same tier, don’t really have much of a choice.


I was there over Christmas and New Year 2016/17, and at DHS twice. Saw long lines of people turned away from Indy. Now that doesn’t happen often but I was so glad to have FPs. I would always get them I think, just to be sure!


I’m in the exact same boat, @eightyeightkeys. No TSMM FP+ during our late May trip, so we are going to try to rope drop that attraction.

My kids are too young/too scared of TOT and RnRC… (they actually were tricked to going on RnRC by their dad during their first trip… that scoundrel) so both of those are out for us. (I may try to squeeze in the single rider line for RnRC at some point by myself).

For our FP, then we went with
Star Tours (whole family loves it)
Indy (we’ve never seen it)
Fantasmic! (our last trip, we were turned away due to full theater and then the show was cancelled due to rain… so I want to make sure we get good seats for it this time).

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