Heading to WDW in early May with two little ones (4yo & 2yo). They are only interested in TSL rides, meeting characters and a few shows. Can you educate me more on the tier system, in particular the rules for obtaining additional Tier 1/A FPP. If I get FPP for a TSL ride, but don’t get any other FPP in advance (they don’t really seem necessary for the other things we want to see), after we use that FPP, can we try for another FPP for another TSL ride (though I recognize that they aren’t often available day of)? Or do we have to use all 3 initial FPPs in order to try for additional tier 1 FPP (ie TSL rides)?

Was thinking I’d try to get FPP for SDD and would RD TSM and ASS. Should I be doing something differently? Can’t get tickets for EMM but will continue to check.


You have to use all 3 then once you tap in for the third you can get a fourth.

If you only get 1 in advance, you can then get 2 more to make up your initial allocation of 3. But the rules still apply - you can only have 1 tier 1 FP (so TSL FP at the moment) in your first 3. You need to use 2 tier 2 FPs before you can book another tier 1.

If you have the tier 2s earlier in the day than your tier 1, you can just let the time expire (usually), but if they are after your tier 1 it doesn’t work.

TSL rides are often available same day but SDD less often than the others. Check for Disney dropping more into the system at 9.31, 12.01, 2.31, 5.01. You’ll still only be able to book according to normal tier rules though.

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There are height restrictions for SDD and AS2, so be sure to look into that before planning your fastpasses!

I just went to DHS with a 2 and 4 year old. Our dat… We left for Hollywood studios on the earliest bus and ended up second at taps. Upon entering we started by rider swapping Slinky dog (my 2 year old and I walked on as2) then we all rode as2. Then we did Tsmm. It was about a 15-20 minute wait and even though I love that ride my kids didn’t really get it and couldn’t score. Then we did sdd again using rider swap. It was a 8:00 emh morning and we were in line for 2nd sdd at 9:00.

Our fp we for frozen show, Disney Junior dance party, and Slinky dog dash. Our SDD was at 3:10 (earliest I could get on day 3) so I wanted to be sure we Rd it as it had rain in the forecast and I wasn’t sure we could make it that late without a break. We ended up staying but my kids were ready to leave by 2.

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I have a question - was your 2yo tall enough for SDD? My 2yo is tall enough to ride, and expresses interest in riding it when we talk about it. Was wondering if you did Rider Swap because your 2yo wasn’t tall enough to ride? So with Rider Swap, did 2 people ride SDD while you and 2yo went to AS2? Or did you wait and ride once they were off? And the 2nd SDD when you used your rider swap, did just 2 of you ride? Thanks for sharing.

My 2 year old was not tall enough for Slinky dog. I don’t think he would have ridden it if he was tall enough as he decided it didn’t like Barnstormer after a few rides. So my DH and DD4 rode first then my DD4 and I rode it again with rider swap. So she got to ride with each parent. Funny thing my DS2 said Slinky dog was his favorite ride and he didn’t even ride it… But he loved watching it.