FPP and TP's

Ok, so my FPP day is Thursday. I haven’t really been researching the best way to do this. Is it best to schedule them for late morning and afternoon as my TP is showing certain popular rides with minimal wait first thing in the morning. What are the tiers at Epcot mean? I can’t seem to find where to enter my ADR’s at resorts when making my TP’s. Also, how do I add in extra activities such as the pirates league?

It depends on what you want. If you can RD and catch the popular rides, I would schedule the FPP for mid-morning to very early afternoon. Then hope for availability of additional FPP at the kiosks. Epcot & Studios have tiers. This means that certain rides are in Tier 1 and certain rides are Tier 2. You can pick one Tier 1 FPP and two Tier 2 FPP for these parks. Check TP Blog for the list of which rides are in which Tiers. http://touringplans.com/walt-disney-world/fastpass This link has links to the lists of Tiers. Not sure about adding the ADRs. You may need to just add them as breaks on your TP. Extra acticities may need to be added as breaks as well.

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