FPP and split stay window opening

Hi all

So am planning our first trip to Disney in many many years. I will be there for a conference in July, and then my family is joining me towards the end of the trip. The first hotel reservation is for 10 days and then we are scheduled to move to the all star movies for the last two days of the trip.

Question is about the FPP+ window. The reservations are for consecutive days - when my window opens up will it cover BOTH hotel reservations (so it will be 60 days + 12 days?)? Or will the 2nd one only open up when it hits 60 days? Planning on doing AK towards the end of the trip so of course am worried about FOP FPPs!

Thanks in advance

Where are you staying the first 10 days? And how many days do you have park tickets?

Swan for first 10 days. 3 day park tickets

I know for our split stay (AKL and the Poly) two weeks ago that our FPP window opened for the entire trip at the 60 day mark. And it was likely the reason I was able to get FOP FPs. I am pretty sure that it is the same with the Swan, but I don’t know for sure as we have never stayed there.

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