FPP and priorities for MK

Alright, I know opinions vary, but what are the general thoughts on FPP for a day at MK?

Thrown for a loop by the circumstances of our trip:

  • PPF down for refurb
  • 7DMT already covered by PPO BOG.
  • Will be doing 30 day FPP reservations
  • One adult will be pregnant
  • Though the kiddo won’t ride, still plan to hit Splash, SM and BTMR with the riding adults
  • CL currently predicted at 6

If you want for all including pregnant adult and kid that won’t ride the above, get ETWB if you are going to do that. Jungle Cruise lines can build and that is a miserable standby.
If you want to get one for the mountains, Splash FPP is good so you can go when you want in case you get wet (plan strategically) and if you want to ride in mid-afternoon, then a FPP is helpful. I’ve been able to get SD FPP for Space often.

As an adult, I always get them for the 3 mountains…

I would get them for the mountains too. Although Jungle Cruise does have a queue that can get long.

Also, are you doing just 1 day at MK? If you are doing 2 days at MK, then you could split the mountains up over the two days.