FPP and number of days?

I’m so confused, but I don’t know if anyone can even answer this.

I have a trip coming up that is 10 days (7 park days, 1 universal day, arrival day, and departure day). We each have two 4 day military salute tickets (= 8 park days).

I made FPP reservations for each park day. I also made fpp reservations for the day we are supposed to be at universal. Just in case my DD4 gets sick, we would have a back up day of must dos.

We recently made our plane reservation and we get in on arrival day before noon. So I was thinking that we might head to a park, since we have the tickets. I went in to check what fpp were available that day, but of course it wouldn’t let me since I’ve reserved fpp for 8 days already and I have 8 days worth of tickets. OK, I get that.

Here’s my question. If I don’t change my fpp reservations for days 2-9 of our trip, and enter into a park on day 1 of our trip, would I lose my fpp for day 9? (I don’t plan on making fpp reservations for day 1, but I technically wouldn’t have enough tickets in the computer to cover all those days.)

I’m really thinking yes.

I’m thinking that I have to cancel my fpp for our back up day. Does anyone have experience with this?

I’m not even sure if the above made any sense. :confused:

I expect that you are correct. I believe since you do not hav tickets for more than 8 days, once you enter you only have 7 days left. I would cancel that back up day before you enter the park ( and book FPs for the new day).

I think that @PrincipalTinker is probably right. However, call WDW IT at 407-939-7765 or 407-939-4357 - they should be able to tell you exactly what the FPP system is going to do in this case.

Thanks! I know that sounds right. I just needed a little push to do it. The good part is that I fpp for A&E and 7DMT that maybe I can coordinate with someone on here when I release it. :slight_smile:

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