FPP and Christmas Party

Hi all, we book our fast passes in 12 days and I could not remember where we left off on being able to book FPP on our MVMCP day. We are not going to any park that day, other than for the party. I thought I read awhile back that people’s FPP were being cancelled on their last day if they used FPP on their party day. Thanks!

Following…my FPP date is in 18 days and I’m worried about this as well. We’ll be doing MVMCP the 3rd day of our 7 day trip and we’ll be in AK earlier that day, returning to MK for the party, so I’m planning FPP for AK that day. Will it impact my last day FPP?

@AuntB_luvsDisney knows a lot about FP for parties. I’m tagging her for help.

I wish I had a perfectly clear answer for you but mixed responses and inconsistent results have been the name of the game this year for the MNSSHP. Then add the fact MK is listed as closing at 6pm on MVMCP nights instead of the usual 7pm and who knows when party guests will be allowed to enter. You can read here to see others experiences. WATCH OUT-- party Ticket FP on same profile as regular ticket FP

I think the safest bet is for the party ticket to be on a different profile but then FP window opens 30 days instead of 60 or don’t book FP with party ticket. If you do book FP with party ticket watch your email closing for the “you don’t have enough ticket media” warning and delete a day your self before they do it for you

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I don’t plan to book any FPP during the party, I plan to book them at AK earlier in the day then go to MK for the party. Do you think I’ll be safe from having them block my last FPP day?

Not counting the party ticket as long as you book the same number of days as FP as you have days of regular ticket media, there is no problem. the issues come when you use the party ticket to book a extra day of FP. Example you have 3 day magic your way ticket and a party ticket. You book four days of FP. Disney might delete the last day as your regular ticket media does not cover the number days of FP

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Ah! Ok!

Thanks for offering your help. I knew it got more complicated. :slight_smile:

They send an email before they delete? I might risk it if that’s been universally true. I watch my email, so I’d go in and cancel the party FPPs if I got an warning.

Mostly they have been sending an email but not every time.

This helps a ton, Thanks!