FPP advise

My daughter just found out she can go with us on our trip in July. Our FPP are already made and my touring plan complete for 2. If cancel now I will lose my hard to get FPP. Any advise ? Best options to still have a good touring plan.

Just add her to your current plan. You can get her a single overlapping FP matching yours as close as possible. Almost everything should be doable with persistence. You might have problems with FOP and 7DMT. Do the best you can with everything else and then give Disney a call to see if they might be able to help.


My niece and I were a late add one year. Luckily, it was prior to her being tall enough for 7DMT and FOP wasn’t there yet, but we were able to get FPP for everything the rest of our group (4 people) had. It did take a bit of stalking, and some were not identical overlaps but worked.

Find a nice looking family close by and ask if you can borrow their baby. Then ask for rider swap.

Haha jk don’t do that… unless it works :wink:

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