FPP advice

On my next trip, my teenagers and I are planning a one-day 4-park ultimate tour. We will start at Epcot EMH (8am Soarin and Test Track), then bus over to the Studio (9:30? Tower, RnRC Single Rider, Star Tours, Toy Story), then AK (1:30? Everest only, FoP is out of the question), and finally MK (3:30 Space, Thunder, Splash). Do you think I should get Fastpasses for the Studio and then try to get one at MK for my 4th? Or should I get the 3 in the MK and take our chances at the Studio?

If you just got 2 for studios, I wouldn’t think you would have too long a wait for Star Tours. And then as soon as you tap in for the first at DHS you could be booking your next one, either EE or one at MK.

You could just get one for the studios, but I don’t know what the lines will be like. If DHS opens at 9, you might be OK just booking for say TSMM, and then booking 2 more elsewhere.

When is this for? That might make a difference, especially with regards to likely early opening.

Make some personalized TPs to see where your wait times will benefit the most from FPPs. I would think that using them at HS will help you the most, but you never know.