FPP advance selections date - start time

OK so I’ve heard conflicting reports on this, I know last year when I booked our FPP selections we could begin doing so at MIDNIGHT eastern time (11 pm for me, not so bad compared to ADRs) when it turned the day of our FPP date. Some people have said that has recently changed to another time (6 am Eastern or something :tired_face: ) just like ADRs now. Really hoping that’s not true but I think it is…any confirmations?

7am EST, one hour later than ADR online.

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I did my FPs yesterday. The FP selection button on MDE opened presisely at 7.00 AM Eastern time. Only 59 days to Disney! :smile:


The change started May 18, and was reported in the TP blog. http://blog.touringplans.com/2016/05/18/disney-makes-change-to-fastpass-reservations/

OK I must have missed that blog post, thank you!

Eeek! Did you get what you wanted? My FPP date is 9/29. Can’t wait!

Thanks! I will set my alarm so I will be ready go to at precisely 6 am my time zone!

I did!! The only difficult one was FEA, as expected. I had to go for plan B that day because at 60+5 days the earliest possible FP for it was 1.30 PM. I was very happy I had made a plan B so I was not thrown off by the lack of morning FPs :grinning: Good luck with yours!

Awesome! I was wondering about the FEA availability.

I got FEA for 8 at my chosen time when I booked it right at 7am at 60+2 days, but I wanted a later (evening) time. I don’t know what was available early.

Don’t forget, people start canceling reservations 45 days out (because they can get their money back). So if you’re staying on property, you can find better FP times at that day marker on some items. This includes other reservations like table service (dining plan) and some specialty tours and events (like PIRATES FIREWORKS).

I got a Cinderella picture op at 9am on day 45 out from our trip… and a few other times that we were able to move up. Good luck finding what you are looking for… may the force be with you!

ALSO - a Disney rep said to keep checking the week before, day before, and day of the reservation you want. People cancel to avoid the change fees usually up to 24 hours in advance. You can get something you’ve been looking for that filled up if you’re lucky AND persistent, so keep going for the gold(en ears)!

:boom: Yay!!! :boom: