FPP 60 days vs 30 days

Does Disney hold back FPP availability for those making selections at 30 days out? I made mine at 60 days and was just looking around today (I’m 46 days out) to see if I could make a few changes to the times I had previously selected. There were some that weren’t available any longer, such as Spaceship Earth. Like, no times whatsoever. I found that odd, and it made me wonder about the folks that have to wait another couple of weeks to make their selections for that day. Will more open up for them?

That’s one of the (current) perks to staying on property. You get to make your selections before everyone else who isn’t paying the extra money to stay at a Disney owned resort.

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I wouldn’t think so. As @larrielaine says, you want in early, pay up and stay in the bubble :wink:

We made changes 2 days prior and were able to get most FPP items we wanted. My only advise is get you FPP times as EARLY as possible in the day. Don’t do FPP for parades etc. Once you have actually TAPPED your last one - you can get a new FPP if they are available. We tapped our last one, and while in line - I was able to then reserve another FPP. FYI - you need to ensure that you have updated your APP


I’m sure I’m being dumb, but how do you update the APP? Delete it from your phone and put it back on?

That’s one way. You can also go into wherever you get your apps (for me, the app store) and it has a button for updates.

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And you’re not dumb


Thank you!

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I did that, and all it did was open up the app. Does that mean it updated?

Possibly. Depending on your settings, your apps may update automatically. Most of mine do.

Thanks for your help!

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Ok, thanks! I always stay on site, and I know that early FPP booking is obviously one of the perks. :slight_smile: Just found it odd that Spaceship Earth was completely gone for my trip date (I have a FPP for that ride, was just trying to change it for a little earlier in the day). So it made me wonder about other guests. Of course, I’ve gone back into MDE since then and there are times showing again. Guess it was another glitch. :hushed:

Thanks for the answers!

“I wouldn’t think so. As @larrielaine says, you want in early, pay up and stay in the bubble :wink:

Unless of course you cant actually afford to put your family in a Disney property …then you are just kind of hosed…just sayin’


I think Disney does hold back some FP+ and release them over time @Lmf1977, or at least they used to. I did an offsite trip during Christmas week in 2014 so I had the 30 day FP+ window. I was able to get FP+ for 7D Mine train, Toy Story Mania and all the other hard-to-get ones. Further, I was able to get them at the times that I wanted. I stayed up late and booked them as soon as the 30 day window opened for me. Many of the FP+ I booked were showing as not available by the next afternoon.
Keep checking and good luck

Well Id love to know how you did it ! We go every year in September…almost the least crowded time of the year…from a Disney perspective anyway. We have never come close to getting a 7DMT FP or A&E and we only got a set of FP for TSMM 1 of the last 3 years. I’m sitting there at midnight everyday for a week right when the window opens. I sure wish i had some of your luck.

In fact we have a bit of a hard time sometimes finding a FP…at a time good for us… on that next tier of ride like TMRR or SplashM and so forth. We get some to those rides of course but if you want a set in that 11am to 2PM-ish window it many times isnt possible… at least not on the first swing at midnight. Its a bit frustrating using the new FP system being offsite for sure … but its not like it will ruin your vacation or anything ! LOL

Don’t hate the player, hate the game @sally3311 :wink:

I guess I was luckier than I realized. I’ll send you pixie dust in August when you are making FP+ for you trip this September.

I imagine FP’s for Spaceship earth go fast because it’s on most people’s FP list. TP generally recomends it as the queue’s are usually longer than other tier 2 rides.


The thing also is we found many times (not always) that the standby line was nominally longer than the FP if you time it right.

I too have played the Midnight Disney Pijama Party @sally3311! It’s incredibly fun and hectic and frustrating. Tips I can give you:
Start refreshing at 11:50pm, it sometimes opens a few minutes/seconds before.
Have your plans already worked out but be as flexible as possible. Sometimes switching days around will give you those coveted FPP!
Start with those three first (in their respective parks) and take any time they give you. Anything. You can possibly change the time later, but if you can’t at least you’ll have them locked in.