FP4me rocks!

FP4me is a total game changer. When I booked FP at two weeks out there was nothing good available - not a single decent ride in the morning. I have been using fp4me to help me know when a desired fast pass becomes available. I get a text letting know and I can go into MDE get it. This website is really great but there is a long wait list now :frowning: Probably because all of us Liners signed up. @Len, have you ever considered a service like this as part of Touring Plans or partnering with the developer? I don’t know the developer personally but I know the service I am getting is great!


I completely agree! It’s an amazing tool.

An amazing tool if you have it. Waaahhhhhh!

But it’s ok. I’ve made my peace.

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I love it too and I’ve only been testing it, my trip isn’t for awhile. Would love to see Touring plans do something similar. They’ve already done it with ADRs successfully.

The Touring plans ADRs are hand searched by people! I believe FP4Me is an automated search that somehow makes it through Disney blocks on crawlers.

I have heard that the person running it is getting ready to hit a big price increase for his website. Problem is, you can’t charge anything for these services or Disney will shut you down, yet he can’t lose money out of the goodness of his heart. Wish we could “go fund” him!

Hand searched? Wow! Really? Cheaper to hire a developer to build it on a project basis I would think, or hire the FP4me guy and stop paying for manual labor. If Disney won’t let folks monetize these services, which makes sense, than the fp4me platform has no sellable value, except in attracting folks to the paid subscriptions, which can’t be required. Go fund me is a good idea. Lots of Disney fans everywhere.