FP4me Question

I have an alert set up for Rockin Rollercoaster on fp4me.com on September 26th. I keep getting alerts that it is available as soon as I set it up and I have MDE open and ready and keep refreshing and MDE continues to say there are none available. It doesn’t seem to be one of those situations where one opens up and someone else grabs it because it keeps telling me they are available if I make a new search.

When I’m in MDE, I am modifying a Fantasmic FP for 2 people to get RnR instead. Any idea why it keeps saying they aren’t available when I have had great luck with fp4me in the past?

I think Fantasmic is a Tier 2 and RnR is a tier 1.


Oh nooo… the Tiers changed since I went to WDW in June! I am helping a friend get FPs and could NOT figure out why I couldn’t get it. This makes sense now. She already has a FP for Toy Story Mania. That is a bummer! Thanks for enlightening me. Things change fast!

I took a 1 month vacation from the forum and I’m already behind :rofl::rofl::rofl:


I Yeah the change comes with SWGE. In general though, I got notifications from FP4ME a couple times and had to refresh to get it to show up. So in the event you run into this and the tiers are not the culprit, try refreshing a few times to see if it pops up.

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I only heard about this site this morning, I am now on the wait list to join. Any idea how long it takes?

I signed up for the waitlist several months ago (maybe in April?) and have yet to make it off.

Bummer. I wasn’t ever on the waiting list so I am unsure.

I’ve been on the waiting list about a month so far.

I was impressed you were already making FPP for another trip!

For what it’s worth, I entered the MDE app the moment I got a FP alert and I did find that I needed to refresh a bit for the fast pass to show up. I can’t make out why that would be, but I found it to me true (and am glad I kept refreshing!).

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UPDATE! Just got my friend 4 Slinky Dog Dash FP’s in place of TSM thanks to FP4M. I am sooooooo excited! (and envious).

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I wish! I am helping my friend plan her trip in September.