Fp4me Alternatives?

Visiting WDW next month and just discovered the existence of fp4me, but unfortunately it’s closed for invites. Anyone know of any alternatives in getting notifications/alerts on FastPass availability?

As far as I know there isn’t anywhere else that will alert you to available FPs.

Maybe your best bet is ti check the TP availability charts perhaps?

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I’ve been on a “waiting list” to use fp4me since March 2019 with no updates. I’ve heard from others that they haven’t been updating for some time. This is the standard response you get from them:

“Due to an overwhelming number of new users, fp4me has started a waitlist for new user signups”

I’d recommend checking the MDE app a few times each day if you are trying to get a really hard FPP.


This has worked very well for me. I’ve managed to get all the FPs I wanted. I was also able to, overtime, inch the FPs to the times I wanted as well. Just have to be persistent!

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