FP+ with an Onsite/Offsite Split Stay

I’m posting this to help anyone in the future in this situation, because I couldn’t find this information covered on the TouringPlans forum.

When can you book FastPasses if you have a split stay that is partly on-site and partly off-site? The short answer is 60-ish days out. Here’s the longer answer.

Suppose you are staying part of your vacation at a Disney resort, and then moving off-site to save money. You probably know on-site guests get to reserve FPP for their vacation 60 days before it starts, and they get to book them for a number of days (up to 10) after the start of the vacation on that 60th day. And you probably know other guests can get FPP 30 days before they plan to go to a park. But if you have a split stay (onsite and offsite), things are not exactly like either scenario.

Here is an example. (These dates are not my dates; I picked them to make the math easier.)

Suppose you have a 5 day WDW ticket (linked to you My Disney Experience account), a 1 night stay at a Disney resort, starting October 31st, and then 3 nights at an off-site hotel (November 1st-3rd). You plan to visit the parks on both travel days, to use all 5 days of your ticket.

60 days before the start of your vacation would be September 1st. On September 1st, you can book FPP for your entire Disney resort stay, including check-in and check-out day, so you can book for October 31st, and November 1st. But what about the other 3 days? Do you have to wait until October 3rd (30 days from November 2nd)?

No! In fact, on September 3rd, you can book FPP for November 2nd. Then, on September 4th, you can book FPP for November 3rd, and on September 5th, you can book FPP for November 4th, your last day. You can continue to book FPP for days after your Disney stay, up to the number of days on your ticket (or up to 10 days total*), but you can only book one day at a time for the days after your Disney stay.

So, that’s is a pretty nice benefit of staying even one night at a Disney resort, on top of the included MagicBands and free parking at the theme parks during your onsite stay.

But it’s still not quite as good as staying the whole time on-property. I was online at 7:00 AM EDT each day for nearly a week, and I could not get a Frozen Ever After FPP for either of my 2 EPCOT days, and there were no Seven Dwarfs Mine Train FPPs for the Magic Kingdom day late in my trip. If I was onsite for my whole trip, I probably could have gotten those on day 60. I don’t know what the poor schlubs who have to book FPP at 30 days are going to be able to get.

(*This number is conjecture, based on the rules for resort guests with long stays. Everything else is based on my own experience of the last week or so)

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Yes, FP currently opens a rolling 60 day window once you hit your resort stay. So at day 60 it opens your stay plus the 60 days before, and that 60 days extends past your stay until your stay is over.