FP+ With a toddler

Our family of 7 will be headed to WDW in October. Our youngest is 2.5 and doesn’t require a ticket but is getting a magic band. Will he get the same FP+ reservations as everyone else? He won’t be able to ride anything over 36" so I wasn’t sure how it worked since I thought everyone in your party had to get the same FP+ reservations. Thanks!

When you set up FP+ you have the option of choosing who gets what. You don’t have to get everyone the same thing. That being said, I usually have the whole family get the same FP+ when I’m originally choosing them, then go back and change DW and one of my DDs to something else since they don’t enjoy thrill rides. It’s just easier for me when trying to get the tough FP+s.

Do remember that your toddler will not be able to ride alone, so one of your FPs will have to match his, I believe. You may be able to ride the other rides with rider swap even if you don’t have a FP picked fit it.

Your toddler won’t have a fast pass since they are under three and won’t have a ticket. We went in April with our son who was also that age. They can join you on any ride, fast pass or not, as long as they can ride. We just walked in with our son and no one ever asked his age or to scan his magic band (even though he put his arm out to scan)

One tip. If multiple people have fast passes to the same ride for a toddler (i.e. dumbo) you can have each go through separately to get the toddler multiple rides.

Thanks for the replies, very helpful! Leads me to another question. We will have the park hopper. Can we get FP for multiple parks on the same day?

Only one park to begin with, but if you were to use your 3 FPs at MK, then move on to Epcot, you could (hypothetically) book a fourth one there, if anything was available.