FP - what is a member of the party does not show up?

I’ll be booking FPs for a family of 4, but my husband might want to go to SGE while I stay with the children at MK. If I book FPs for 4, but only 3 people show up, is this an issue?

His FPs will just hang around unless he or you cancel them. No issues for anyone else.

Thank you. We’re travelling in November and while he’s totally excited about SGE and I even got a reservation to Oga’s Cantina, the children (12 and 9) nor me are huge Star Wars fan so I would prefer to do a second day at MK and for him to go by himself to SGE. Is that awful? I’m feeling conflicted. On one hand I want the entire family to be together and have fun, on the other I don’t want make the kids go to a land which they have no interest in going.

Not awful at all in my opinion. It sounds sensible.

Thank you! I’m not used to ‘divide and conquer’ during vacations.

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Not awful, he’ll probably have a great time only having to navigate himself and simply get to enjoy it.


Drop your FPP last minute if he’s not using it and you will make someone’s day!

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Will do!!

You’re making a great choice. Why make everyone do something they won’t enjoy? Why make someone miss something they want to do? This is the perfect thing. Then, meet up later and you’ll have a lot to talk about.

Are you making 4 FPs in case your DH changes his mind? You could just make FPs for him in DHS instead.

Hi - I will be doing reservations for everyone and will drop them if he ends up staying with us.

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