FP+ Timing

A little confused on FP+ timing with getting additional FP in the park. In order to access additional FP, do all three FP+ have to expire or can you add as each individual FP+ expires? TP wasn’t clear on that (to me)?

Also, can you use FP+ for early morning hour attractions? My TP wouldn’t let me add any before normal park hours began even when I selected that I was using the early morning hours option.

Thanks gang…

Fast passes are not available for Extra Magic Hours. I don’t know about Early Morning Magic, but somebody else probably does, and I would doubt it.

Assuming you make 3 Fastpasses before getting to the park, then, you can make a 4th FPP when: (1) you tap into your 3rd FPP ride; or (2) your time window for your 3rd FPP expires.

The situation has many other permutations if you only make 1 or 2 advance FPP, but, if you make the standard 3 advanced FPP , then you can immediately begin searching for an additional FPP (at any park) once you have tapped into the 3rd FPP attraction, even before finishing that ride.

Hope this helps.

You can’t use FP during Extra Magic Hours but the idea is that you shouldn’t need to. Morning EMH especially usually has very low wait times and I can usually bang out several attractions during that first hour. However, note that for the crazy popular attractions (i.e. 7DMT, FOP), there’ll be a wait even at the beginning of EMH. But still a much shorter wait than during the rest of the day.