FP timing question

We have a 9:35 FP for Tower of Terror and a 1:55 for Toy Story. We want to see the 10:30 Frozen show. If we only have the two to start with, will we be able to book a 10:00 Frozen one as soon as we scan the 9:35 ToT?

Assuming Frozen is a tier 2, then yes.

Bear in mind though that the fastpass return window will close 10-15 minutes before the show starts, after that they will start letting the stand-by line in.

Yes, the Frozen show is tier 2. The FP time is 10:00-10:15, which works out well enough, as we should have around 20 minutes free time/snack time before the 10:00 point. Even if we get a little behind we’ll still get there by 10:15.

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I will add one thing depending on what Frozen your talking about. Frozen Ever After in in the Norweighn pavilion while Frozen the Sing along is in HS. There is usually a lot of room in Frozen the Sing along so don’t sweat that one as you can get in without a FP. Frozen Ever After however requires a FP most of the time and the lines are long. To tell you the truth as far as I am concerned it is a waste of your time to go there but many do. Must be a Norweign thing. Frozen Sing along is really good and is WAY better than the other in my opinion.