FP+ Tier question for DHS

We will be touring DHS Nov 29 and it appears that all of the FP+ are gone for the time frame we will be there for Tier 1 level FP+. Are we allowed to make 3 FP+ tier B selections instead?

Absolutely–just not more than 1 tier 1.

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Really? Did you check again? I can only see to the 28th but when I just looked I could book Alien Space Saucers or Toy Story on the 28th.

I’m just going by FP+ availability listed on the Lines app (and those are for a party of 1, we are a party of 6). We are trying to get FP+ prior to early afternoon. I don’t see any available for the 29th in our timeframe.

Are you going to try tomorrow? I am looking for a party of 3 on the 28th and there are plenty of Toy Story FPs. Look tomorrow if you have tickets. Is that tool projecting what will be available day of? Are you not buying tickets until then?

Maybe try breaking your group into 2 parties of 3 or 3 parties of 2. I’ve been able to get FPP more successfully for smaller groups. The times might be off by 10 min, but with the hour window there is plenty of overlap time.