FP Success for 60+1-7 including FOP on 60+2 (there is hope)

Just wanted to share my FP booking experience from this morning and hopefully provide some hope to those who are getting close to their 60 day FP booking window. I was up at 5:45am and MDE allowed me to start booking at 6am sharp (I tried logging in multiple times from 5:50am on :slight_smile: )

My family of 4 arrive July 8th and our first full day in the parks is July 9 in AK. I went for FOP first and was able to get us 4 onto the 6:45pm FP which had me pleasantly surprised. ( I later came back and filled in this day with KSafaris 10:15am FP and EE 1:15FP)

From there I immediately went after priority number two which was SDD for July 10 and got a 4:25pm FP for it - at first it showed no availability for SDD but I went back and refreshed and this 4:25pm showed up - again, pleasantly surprised! (I later filled in this day with RRC and Star Tours - we plan on rope dropping TSM)

After securing those two high priorities I started filling in our other days and there was plenty of availability for the most part. I did skip out to July 13 for step three and was able to choose my times for FOP, EE, and KRR (finishing all three FPs by 1pm).

For our EC day on July 12 I was able to secure Soarin easily and saw plenty of availability for FEA (my tween kids have zero interest in FEA, having Frozen burnout it seems lol). Also had pick of times for SE and Mission Space. We plan on hitting TT at rope drop or as soon as the ride opens.

I then went to our July 8 arrival day and was able to book FPs for the first evening we plan on spending a few hours in MK just to get our feet wet. I got PPF, BLSRS and even SDMT for our last FP at 7:40 (I’m hoping the sun will be going down for a nighttime ride on SDMT as our first experience on it ever).

July 11 and 14 (final day) are both MK days and I basically had my choice of times for SpaceM, SDMT, BLSRS, SplashM, and BTMR. I chose to book each of these day’s FPs to be concluded by very early afternoon in order to hopefully get FP’s #4 and beyond the rest of the day.

As if I wasn’t fired up enough about this trip, securing these FPs and most of them at the times I really preferred has me grinning big time.

Bottom line for me was, the first 2 days there IS hope of getting FOP and SDD though they will likely be later in the day if you snag one. However, from day 4 (full park day 3 for us) and on it was basically your choice of rides and times for even the hardest to get attractions.

I almost forgot to mention that I did watch the Touring Plans 60+ day FP updates each day and I must say they were quite accurate with the remaining available times they showed for each attraction. So don’t hesitate to use those daily updates as a guide as your 60 day window approaches.


I hope this relieves any anxiety others may be having - best of luck to all!


Great info - thanks for posting!

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I know this only shows FP availability for a party of 1. Did you typically find that those same times were available for your group of 4?

awesome. good work

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I know this only shows FP availability for a party of 1. Did you typically find that those same times were available for your group of 4?

Yes I did find availability for 4 every FP I booked - maybe I just got lucky but I didn’t once have to split up the party even on FOP or SDD.

Great to hear! Thanks!