Fp+ strategy

Going to Disney world in August. Plan on rope dropping every day with long midday break (1-5)at resort. I think I am better off making fp+ selections for when I return in evening. What do you think? Thanks

Your best bet is to make a Personaluzed TP that included your planned break, Optimize it, and use the results to help you determine what the best FPP options are.

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We do the same thing, rope drop and then take a break at noonish. We book our FP 3 in a row early, starting at 9, then 10, then 11. Once you use your last one (check into the FP line) you can make one more and so on. So we will keep doing that until our break and then book one for when we return after our break. That seems to work for us.


I agree with booking fastpasses for early morning and then booking more as you use up the first three. We did Magic Kingdom that way and were able to book afternoon/evening fastpasses with only an hour max to use it for pretty much all of tomorrowland and dumbo circus area besides space mountain. I think we used a total of eight fastpasses that way. :slight_smile:

I forgot we got an extra ride on splash mountain that way too so we used nine!

We also plan on hopping, which I should of said originally