FP+ Strategy - AM DHS or PM MK?

Since FP+ strategy was one of the topics on the blog today, let me run this by y’all. What would you do?

The first day of the trip is Sunday April 24th. I’m planning to hit morning EMH at DHS and stay there until around 3 (got a 2:10 ADR at Sci Fi). Then back to the hotel for a while, and head over to MK around 7 (it’s open until midnight).

I had been planning to get FP+ for the AM session at DHS, but I’m a little uncertain, specifically about 7DMT. Do y’all think we can get on it between 11 and midnight with a less-than-insane wait? A half hour or so would be ok… more than that and I’ll balk.

If not, would it be better to grab nighttime FP+ for 7DMT and just try to hit the headliners at EMH Rope Drop at DHS that morning? DHS Rope Drop makes me nervous, with Toy Story and Aerosmith being the way they are.

Which tactic would you use, Liners?

(BTW, there will be a morning MK session later in the week, but I’m assuming that there will be no morning or early-afternoon FP+ slots left for 7DMT, since I’m a lowly 30-day type).

Last year, I got a 9:35am FP at 7DMT and this year, I got a 3:10. But at the 30 day mark, I was on exactly at midnight. I took anything for my other two and took the best offered for 7DMT. Then I changed the other two to fit what I wanted.

Last year, I had an evening FP, but the next day, someone must have cancelled, because I was able to change to that 9:35 morning FP. So if you don’t get what you want, just keep checking back. You might get lucky.

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Has is the one park I would never go to without FPs. I think you will be able to do stand by at 7DMT late but not get FPs.

Thanks for the input, you two! I guess I will stick with FP for DHS, then keep checking for a morning FP to open up for 7DMT on the 26th. If I don’t get it, I’ll go standby late on the 24th.

Just makes me nervous cos I keep checking the late evening waits for that ride on the Lines app, and it seems to turn to “?” during that last hour the park is open. I don’t know what to make of that.

April 24th?

I’m seeing:

7:00pm - 38 min
8:00pm - 40 min
9:00pm - 34 min
10:00pm - 29 min
11:00pm - 23 min
12:00am - 22 min

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Yeah, I get that too, so I have it in my TP for that night. But I’ve been checking the current waits on the app at night lately, just out of curiosity, and they seem to be going to “?” toward the end of the night. I’ll check again tonight, in an hour and a half or so. It probably doesn’t mean anything I need to worry about.

There it goes! What does it meeean

Does that blue ? mean that no one has posted a current actual wait time? Maybe?

Also I’d go with your plan, getting fpps for HS, I’ll be planning on something similar. :slight_smile:

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Mmm… I see what you mean. I think the ? means no one is currently giving a report from the park, so they’re just posting the ‘posted’ time. If you go on the WDW site, it shows the same ‘posted’ wait as TP shows. (50 mins right now - 10:10pm).

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I see. Ok, I’m gonna trust in the projections for that date and plan to ride 7DMT standby after 11:00. FP for DHS it is! Thanks!

Thanks for the input! Helps put the mind at ease. Can’t believe I still have more than 50 days to fret over these TPs!

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I agree with using the FPP for HS, but don’t give up on the idea of FPP for 7DMT for your MK morning/afternoon. I got 7DMT at 30 days for Feb school vacation week. The one good thing about making FPP at 30 days is that you can practice beforehand to make you faster when it’s for real. You can start the process before midnight - you just need to stop and wait to get to the screen with the date until right at midnight. Then I clicked only on 7DMT to speed things up. You also don’t have time to linger on your 4 options. just pick fast and hope for the best :slight_smile:

And if that doesn’t work, keep checking on the Dibbs website for cancellations. I was able to get Elsa that way a week before our trip.


Thanks! Will keep trying right up until the trip. I’m only planning to be at MK from open until about 1:00, but I might get lucky!

Don’t forget to keep checking back. You never know.

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