FP+ Split Stay with Disney Cruise In Between

We are staying at Beach Club for an evening before our DCL cruise. We aren’t planning on going to the parks, we just want to enjoy the awesome pool at the resort. When we get back from our cruise we have a room booked at Pop so we can spend a day and half in the parks. My question with FP+ is will our 60 day window from the Beach Club stay also open the window for the Pop stay, so on the day our window opens for Beach Club could I make FP+ reservations for the time we plan to spend in the parks for Pop?

I am trying for FOP FP’s, so if my window will include the Pop days, that would give us a better chance. When we went in September we weren’t able to get FP for FOP, so we ended up waiting in a 2 hour line. I was hoping to avoid that this time around! Any help you lovely people could offer would be much appreciated!

Your window after your stay would open one day at a time, which would be the same time as your Pop stay, so there is no advantage.

Thanks PrincipalTinker! I assumed this would be the case, just hoping it wasn’t! :slight_smile: