FP+ selections to EP!

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I just put a similar question about MK, but, to better organize, gonna put the EP doubt here.

I will visit Epcot on january, 31. My first doubt about FP selections on EP is very simple: which attraction!! Well, this tear separation drives me crazy! And now frozen ever after…

Which tear 01 attraction would you pick??

Ok, continues…

I could simulate that i would be able to select frozen to about 5pm…so, i dont know if i should don’t take frozen FP to be able to make others FP selection in the park. To make clear:

  1. pick soaring FP, make Test Track on rope drop, soaring on stand by line (and on FP, when the time is right) and head to frozen when showcase opens?


  1. pick frozen FP and make soaring and test track on stand by as soon as possible?? If i pick frozen fp, don’t know if will be enought time to take another fps in the park, considering that frozen fp probably will be to about 5pm…j

FEA has long lines and breaks down frequently. I would FPP it and Rope drop soaring. Single rider TT or head right over there after Soaring. You will have at wait a bit in one of the lines.

I had a similar dilemma, and so do many others. Frozen is what it is, and it is where it is, which makes it a dilemma. I skipped it. I’d rope drop Soarin’ twice, then do test track twice (once with a FP.)

I just didn’t want the hassle, but of course, it’s all opinion.
Now if only TP had a cancelled FP finder like the reservation finder…hint, hint.
I’m sure ppl drop their tier 1 fp’s all the time. I had to cancel Everest AND Space Mountain on our trip. ( we had already done them without our FP since we didn’t need them because TP ROCKS! - THANKS, Touring Plans!)

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