FP selections for multiple families with overlapping stays

Question about handling FP for separate families.
Here’s the scenario….

My family is there for 2 weeks and we have room-only and APs.

Other family is there for the 2nd week and have room/ticket package.

Trying to simplify the FP making process for all of us.

Can I make all the FP selections when I hit our 60 day mark (which would be a week before they could)?

I know I can add them in my MDE, but would I have to link our separate resort reservations someway also?

You link as family and friends in MDE.

Because they have a package, their tickets do not become “valid” until their 60 day window.

But you can book for them when their window opens, so for that week you can all be together. Unless of course you go ahead and book some FPs like FoP for you for that second week. Then just try and get overlapping times.

You shouldn’t have problems with your FPs, but if you do call the AP Guest Services line. Sometimes AP holders have issues booking FPs for all of their onsite stays, but the CMs at the AP desk can help. It usually only affects split stays or those at the DS resorts.

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