FP’s for TSMM available!

I just snagged a FP for TSMM for May 28, so they are available, better hurry!!


Me too, just grabbed for June 1!!!

Thanks so much for posting this. I snagged some for June 2nd. So happy!

Thanks for sharing!

Got ours for May 20th, perfect timing!

Thanks to Nickysyme on another post ( thought you might be hallucinating but clearly you are not!!) I grabbed mine for the 29th May - thanks for sharing with everyone

I’m trying to get one for 6/29 and still no luck :persevere:

got ours for 6/24 yesterday!! WOO!!

June 7th!

got ours for 6/24 yesterday!! WOO!!

Do you really mean 24th June, or did you mean to type 5/24?

Asking because I’d seen FPs were available up until the closure, but not seen anyone who’s got one for after the closure dates.

Yep. You caught my mistake. I meant 5/24. Sorry if I got anyone’s hopes up unnecessarily.

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Count me as one who had my hopes up… We visit HS on June 19th, probably going to RD unless FPs become available. Hopefully the previous week’s closure will not add too much to the RD rush on the 19th.