FP Reservations

Anybody have issues with making FP reservations? I was able to do two days, but now I keep getting the “we need more time screen.” Wonder if it is glitching or I am doing something wrong?

I’m getting the same thing. I was able to reserve fast passes for every day but two because it’s giving me a “technical difficulties” error message.

Also, Elsa and Anna were GONE already. :confused:

Right?! And 7DMT!

The website and app seem to be working now!

I was able to get 7DMT with no problem… two different days, actually. I managed to get an Elsa & Anna, but it’s on the day we leave… after we’ll already be back home. Ha. I’ll try modifying the time for the morning I guess and hope for the best.

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This happened the other day, too, when I was making FPP’s. Not sure what the heck they are doing over there, but it better get fixed.

It went down around 12:05am and did not go back on until 12:40a. Considering they have people going on at midnight every night to book FPP, you think they wouldn’t have these problems anymore. I was on the chat and a lot of people were giving up and going to bed, which I do not blame them, my limit was 1am. I did not want A&E FPP but I feel terrible for those who did not get them because the site was down.

Count me in that group! :confused:

Oh well. We’ll try to meet Anna & Elsa, with or without a FP but it won’t be the worst thing in the world if the line is too long. I’ve tried to warn my girls that there is a chance we won’t get to see them. We’ll be at MK for three days, so hopefully we get a chance at least one of them :slight_smile: