FP reservations? - park hopping AK or HS on 9/1

I have many WDW trips under my belt, but have not visited the parks in almost 4 years so my touring and FP+ info and experience is largely outdated. I will be visiting over Labor Day with my teen daughters (also Disney veterans). We would like to ride Flight of Pandora at least twice over the weekend (we plan on AK on 9/1 and 9/2).

On 9/1 we’re planning on AK with EMH (arriving prior to park opening), a lunch break and then to head over to Hollywood Studios (which currently is a 3 crowd level but maybe that will change with Toy Story land opening).

At AK, we would like to do the following

Flight of Pandora
Navi River

At HS, we would like to do the following

Rock n Roller Coaster
Tower of Terror
Star Tours

Should I try to get FP reservations for AK or just use the mornings hours and make FP reservations for HS later in the afternoon/evening? We’re fine using single rider too.

Any tips and strategies would be much appreciated.


FYI ~ The Touring Plan guys have a Youtube video tackling these types of questions.
If you cannot be at AK 30-40 minutes PRIOR to EMH park opening and a resort guest, use FP for Flight of Passage. If you a not a resort guest, you will be a full hour behind, and will need to use a FP.

remember, you can only pre-plan fast passes for 1 park per day. Once you are done and step into another park, you can try to get same day FP for the 2nd park.

Are you staying onsite and for how long? And which days are your AK days, as in day 1, 2, 3 etc.

If AK is Day 3 or later, you have a good chance of getting an FP for FoP. Day 4 and you can probably pick a time that suits.

Since by September, DHS will have Toy Story Land open, all the tier 1 rides are in TSL. So the rides you list are all tier 2, which does mean it could actually be harder to book ToT and RnR because everyone can choose both, as well as a TSL ride.

Here’s one possibility:

Book an FP for Flight of Passage for around 9:30. Go straight to Navii and ride it, then head off and do Safari next. It sometimes doesn’t start during EMH or at least the start of it. After doing Safari, use your FP for Flight of Passage.

As you wait in the line for FoP, go onto MDE and book two of the DHS rides. This uses the park hopping trick, of being able to book your remaining “initial fastpasses” in any park.

After FoP, do anything else in AK before having lunch and hop over to DHS. If you managed to get two of your 3 choices at DHS, ideally you will only have to wait for Star Tours (and actually that’s usually easy to get as a 4th FP anyway).

You might want to keep an eye on forum sites like this to see how day-of FPs go at DHS after Toy Story Land opens.

If you’re OK with arriving at AK at least 45 minutes before EMH, then you could pre-book DHS, and just ride FoP first. As you have another day at AK, you could get an FP for it on the other day.

Thanks for your quick reply and recommendations.

This is quick trip – just 3 park days in total which, from what I’ve read, will make FP for FoP more difficult.
We’re staying onsite and AK will be days 1 and 2 (based on crowd calendars)

Day 1 - AK am/HS pm
Day 2 - MK am/AK pm
Day 3 MK/evening departure

If you will be by 7:00 I would save my FPs for HS on day one. I would get into the FoP line then Navi. I believe you will be done before 9. Head to EE and then Safari ( may not open until 9). I would get AK FPs on day 2. You could drop Navi from your plan and FP it on day 2 but I would try for FoP and do it twice.