FP reservations on MNSSHP for non-partygoers

Hi all–if I am going to MK on a MNSSHP party day, but will not be staying for the party, what is the latest time I can make a FP reservation for? Ditto for BOG dinner? I see the park “closes” at 6 but does that really mean that everyone without a ticket is OUT of the park at 6? Thanks in advance for any insights!

We were there when the parked closed for MNSSHP. You aren’t actually OUT by then, but basically if you try to do anything (including enter shops) without the ticket, they won’t let you, and will direct you to the exit.

I can’t speak to the FP itself, but if you are in line before the 6:00 close time, you should be okay.

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Currently on party nights, you can only make ADRs up to about 5pm I think.

At some point they will open up a special dining page, like the dining packages for ROL or Fantasmic, for later reservations. That will clearly state you must have a ticket to use the ADR.

To avoid people complaining they didn’t’ know they couldn’t stay in the park and dine basically!

So on a party night you won’t be able to make a later ADR. But be aware, the system won’t verify you have a ticket. But on the day, if you don’t have a party wristband you will not be allowed to go to the restaurant.

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Thanks to both of you! Very helpful.