FP+ Reservations for Family

My wife & I are checking into Disney Port Orleans Riverside 3 days before my daughter & family. We all purchased individual tickets (not packages). We have linked our reservations and tickets. Will I be able to make FP+ reservations for everyone at 60 days prior to our (earliest) reservation or do I have to wait the 3 additional days to make their’s? If I have to wait, is it better to make ours and add theirs or just wait and make them all together?

If you are linked in MDE, you will be able to make their FP+ at the same time you make yours, as long as you or your wife are also in the FP party. IOW, you can make a FP for you, your wife, and your daughter and family together. You will not be able to make FP for just your daughter and family until their 60 day out date arrives.