FP reservations booked today, Epcot is rough

So I woke up 6:45am, logged in at 7am sharp and booked all my Fastpasses. Felt pretty good about everything except for Epcot.

Why oh why do they have to have Soarin, Test Track, Frozen and Illuminations all in one tier??? :frowning:

Like the other parks have their tiers nicely done, but Epcot is “unfair”… Ok maybe unfair is the wrong word to use cause it sounds like i’m whining, but I mean come on. All the best attractions under the same tier??? And we only get to use 1 of them.

I wish they’d change this.


Which Ride to Ride First at Epcot

Do you have Frozen fans in your party? If you aren’t Frozen-obsessed, don’t feel like you HAVE to do this one. We rode with DDs 9 and 6 and all of us were like, “meh.” They liked the Mexico boat ride better.


Yea I didn’t book the Frozen one. We’re not Frozen fans really.

Which of those rides at Epcot should NOT be a tier-one, however? The moment they knocked it down to tier-two, that ride would be instantly swamped with people wanting the FPP. Also, the truth is, very few of the rides OTHER than the tier-one rides at Epcot are really all that worth it. So, they are essentially forcing people to choose FPP for the “meh” rides just to help “spread the wealth”, so to speak.

As I’ve presented in a separate thread, the truth is the FPP doesn’t really benefit anyone but Disney. It is only a PERCEPTION of being benefited. (There are exceptions, but as a general rule.)

Regarding Frozen…the entire ride is really only worth the ONE moment in the ride where you go backwards. It is admittedly quite cool how they reimagined it from the Norway ride. The rest of it is, as stated, really just worth it for a Frozen fan. (And for me, aside from making songs that stick in my head all day, I wasn’t so impressed with the Frozen story.)

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This is partly why — despite saying last year that MK was my least favourite park — I’m spending more time at MK than any other park. Future World is a nightmare to plan. AK is easy — you can cheat by buying the VIP tour. MK has no tiering. DHS is tough, too — though who knows what the new rules will be.

I’m probably going to cheat at Epcot by doing the Dessert Party — that gets you a “free” go on FEA, releasing your Tier 1 (in my case) for Soarin’. Test Track I’ll try and do single rider.

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That’s the point of having tiers though. Yes it sucks, but it’s not unintentional, they want to spread the crowds by forcing you to choose.

FEA is crap anyway (and I’m a massive Frozen fan), and Illuminations is easily picked up as a 4th, as well as being very easy to see without a FP.

You have to go for TT above Soarin if you want to do both, as it’s so often down at RD. Though TT is nothing too special either, I can drive my own car really fast.


But…but…does your car have cool neon, Tron-esque lights? Huh? Does it? :wink:


We’re not doing RD at Epcot either of the two days we’re going to be there cause we’re having breakfast, one at our resort (Beach Club) and one in the Epcot park. We’re going for 10 days. But yea, I’m picking Soarin FP first because I want to do that before going to AK and riding on FoP. I have OCD that way. But the 2nd Epcot day we’re doing TT. Skipping Frozen on both days unless the wait times are under an hour.

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No which is why I still do TT!

If you have 2 EP days I’d probably do the same.

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Quick question. We don’t need a FP if we’re doing Mission Space: Green right? Just want to make sure. My friend gets seriously motion sick so I opted to do the Green side with her which is fine. Can we walk on with minimal wait? I was going to book a FP for Character Meet n Greet instead.

I wouldn’t have thought so.

Green does generate a wait. It’s not necessarily as long as Orange, though it’s sometimes nearly comparable. Crowd levels in EPCOT would be more determining. For example, right now, LINES is showing an estimated 17 mins for Orange, 14 for Green, on a CL7 day.

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Yea I was looking at that. But I do remember one day (could have been a weekend day) where the MS Green lines were up to 60 minutes. I was thinking it may have been a fluke day or something. I’ll keep the FP for Green just in case.

I don’t know if this will help, but when I was there in October we went straight to Frozen before our first FP window ever came up and we got on in 10 minutes. Then we used our FPs for Soarin’ and Test Track. Doesn’t help with your Illuminations issue, but I have a feeling if you get there first thing you can get one of them done fairly quickly :).

Try to grab FEA FP for early afternoon, RD Soarin’, and single rider line TT. Problem solved.

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EXACTLY how I’m doing our Epcot day!

I believe the generally accepted strategy is to FPP for FEA, pre-RD GG ADR and head right to Soarin then rush to TT.

Not to veer off topic, but why does this terrify me?? :scream:
Too true about TT being off line at RD…we got through the design stage, then they announced that the ride was down, and shuttled us out through a side door…with a paper fast pass…but that’s a long walk from RD to have nothing happen…I’d shoot for FPP for TT and RD Soarin’ if you’re a fan.

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this was a great video for EP RD. We’re trying to do all, or most in one day. Staying at BW, plan is International Gateway RD, head to Frozen, then hit Soarin, both standby. Got FPP for Test Track and others all around midday.