FP+ reservation order: ROL, Frozen and 7DMT

Hi all - my 60 day FP+ reservation window for my upcoming trip in May opens tomorrow AM bright and early, and I’m looking for advice on what order to book in. Everything I’ve read previously says that Frozen Ever After is the hardest one to get, followed closely by Seven Dwarfs Mine Train. But now that Rivers of Light is available with FP+, I’m wondering if that should be the first thing I book instead? Since there’s only one showing per day. I’m trying to get ROL for the third day of our trip, Frozen for the sixth and Seven Dwarfs Mine Train for the seventh day, if that helps.


If the time of your fast passes for 7DT and Frozen are important do them first. There will definitely be FP left for frozen and 7DT for several days the only question is will they be for times you want. I doubt RofL will run out in the first hour, but you can always do that first if you are worried.

The only one that’s semi important timing to me is Frozen, because we’re hopping to DHS for dinner and fireworks that same night. The 7DT day, we’re at MK all day long. I guess I could do Frozen, ROL, 7DT. Thanks for the input!

i just booked my fp for may yesterday at 60 days out… i did frozen first on our second day and there were lots of times left but first time was 12:10 i grabbed that one. 11-12 was all gone. i did get rivers on light on 6th day of trip and i did 7dmt on 3rd day and had lots of time choices. it was pretty easy!


Good to know! I’m glad you got all of the ones you wanted. I will feel much better once I get mine booked and can have a more solid idea of our touring plans for the trip. :slight_smile:

I’ll be trying for Frozen tomorrow too, but on a different day :wink:

:wink: Hope you got the times you wanted, @dezprincesscc!

Just figured I’d report back to everyone. I reserved in this order: Frozen, ROL, 7DT, TSMM, and then everything else in our trip in chronological order. The earliest Frozen FP+ I could get was 11:05 am, but I nabbed it. I got ROL no problem, 7DT for 9:30 and TSMM for 9:55. Overall, I got almost exactly the times I wanted with everything except Frozen. I was hoping to get an earlier FP+ for that but hey… can’t have everything!

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I got what we needed! I did Frozen, TSMM/RnRC (split the group), then tried for Enchanted Tales but didn’t see it. The rest I did chronologically, skipping JII because I figured that would be no problem. Then I went back and was able to get Enchanted Tales and switch the times to almost exactly what we needed for the ones that were off. Been fine tuning my plans since then, with our HS day up in the air a bit since the kids will try to do the Jedi training.


Awesome! I’m glad you got what you needed.

You too! Don’t give up on Frozen, I was able to go in and change the time on that one too!

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