FP Reservation Opening Soon - Need advice on which parks to try for first

Hi y’all. Our 60 day fastpass reservation window is opening soon. I wanted some advice on which days you would try to get fast passes for first. Here is our schedule.

60+0 Epcot
60+1 AK (not going until late afternoon)
60+2 HS
60+3 MK in morning only
60+4 AK in morning only
60+5 MK
60+6 HS in late afternoon / early evening
60+7 MK in morning

We are doing rider swap with a 20 month old. We will be splitting up FP at most parks. We would love to get FOP for one of us; Slinky Dog and TOT with split FP; 7 Dwarfs and Space Mountain with split FP

Is it harder to get a FOP or slinky dog FP?

This is the order I was thinking I should get FP’s for:

  1. 60+4 AK
  2. 60+6 HS
  3. 60+1 AK
  4. 60+2 HS
  5. 60+5 MK (I chose this over the last MK day as on the last day we are not doing any of the big ticket rides so we can focus on kiddie rides with our toddler)
  6. 60+3 MK
  7. 60+0 Epcot
  8. 60+7 MK (focusing on toddler attractions)

Anything you would do differently and why? :slight_smile: also… do you recommend getting a fast pass for just the biggest ride (such as FOP or slinky dog) for a specific day and then moving on to the next most popular rides in different parks. Then going back into each day and adding rides that aren’t as popular such as expediton Everest. I have read you don’t want to waste precious time adding additional rides into that park day while another park day may be filling up with the most popular rides. Hope all that makes sense. Thanks for reading my long post. This forum has been amazing!!

I think it’s harder to get FoP than Slinky Dog, so I would start there. From what I heard, FoP and 7DMT are the hardest to get, so my plan is to start with FoP, then 7DMT, then Slinky Dog and then I will go back for the others. Considering you have 3 days at MK planned, you are probably safe to hold off on that one if you wanted. I hope this helps in some way! Happy FastPassing!

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You have lots of days to work with. Look at dibbs the morning of your FPP reservations. Start with the hardest ones on the furthest out dates first; ie AK at +4, HS at +6, and MK at +5 or +7. Work your toddler’s activities around your headliners.

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Don’t do a whole day at a time. Just focus on the actual rides like Slinky, Flight of Passage, 7dmt etc.

I’d do Star Tours and Safari next, because they seem to be getting harder.

Then go for things like Peter Pan, the Mountains, Epcot tier1, And fill in.

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You don’t want Slinky on your first HS day? Slinky has been the hardest to get. It is a little easier with the new tiers, but I would always try that first.


We just had our FP window open on 8/27 and had no issues with FOP on day 3 but SDD was gone day 2 and had a late day 4 FP. Got a 930am FOP on day 5

So I’d say it all really depends on the days. Earlier in the trip you’ll have more problems getting the time you want

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Thanks!! :slight_smile:


We do want to do SDD but figured I would have an easier time getting it on our second day so I was going to try for that day first .

Thanks! That’s what I was thinking too

I did a three day trip recently. I could not get SDD even with drops. I got FoP.

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60+2 SDD is very unlikely, but you most likely will be able to get SDD FP for your 60+6 day at HS.

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++ @Nicky_S ++ @blocker11 … Start with hardest to get on the later days of your stay. Then try and improve what you were able to get by moving back towards the start of you stay

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