FP question?

I am going with 10 or so people in our group on one day. Only 5 of us have tickets so I have linked us and can make fastpasses. Can I set up something that that way the other 5 of us can get the same fastpasses? I want to try to get us all together and then link the actual ticket that week? They aren’t sure if they want to commit to a certain day so that is why I don’t have a ticket for my brothers family right now.

I am the only one who will make the fastpasses but I will set them up their own account so they can modify theirs.

Any thoughts?


They would need to have tickets as well to schedule the FPs. If they wait until that week to link the tickets, then you will have to wait until then to schedule their FPs.


Fortunately/Unfortunately, the fastpass system is designed in a way that rewards knowing your plans ahead of time. Could they possibly manage to get same day fastpasses and match yours? It’s theoretically possible, but in reality it’s fairly unlikely. If you want to guarantee touring together, either you’ll need to rebook fastpasses together with whatever is available that date, or they need to commit to a date and purchase tickets and let you plan.

They can’t have their cake and eat it too in this scenario.

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They could buy a flexible date ticket and then you can book FP for the day they think they will go. If the date changes then the FP can be changed to the new day. The closer they get to the date however, obviously they are risking fewer FP options.

Thank you!