FP priority advice

Thank you in advance for all of your help! Not sure which fast passes to prioritize trying to get for our vacation.

We are going to Disney over Easter staying at the Contemporary. Will be there 4/10-4/14 then Universal until the 17th. We haven’t been since the summer of 2016 so Pandora and SWGE are new to us. Taking the crowds into consideration we are thinking of doing MK on Friday afternoon when we arrive (booked a dessert party that night), then Epcot Saturday, Animal Kingdom Easter Sunday, the Ultimate Thrills tour Monday, and Hollywood Studios Tuesday.

Kids are DS 11 and DD 16. Both love roller coasters now. Based on those days and the Easter holiday this is the order I was thinking of trying to get the fast passes for:

  1. 4/12 Flight of Passage
  2. 4/11 Test Track
  3. 4/10 Space Mountain
  4. 4/10 BTMRR
  5. 4/12 Expedition Everest
  6. 4/14 Rock n Rollercoaster
  7. 4/12 Dinosaur

Would you switch that order in any way? Any other thoughts? FOP and TT are our top priority as we have never done FOP and TT is not included in the Ultimate Thrills tour and it’s DS’s top pick.

This seems to be the order I’d put them in too. The Ultimate Thrills is a great way to, basically, buy 10 FPPs for the parks biggest rides. I know not every one can pay $350 per person. However, I found it more reasonable when I broke it out to what is $35 / FPP. (Especially during a crowded holiday weekend!)

If you haven’t considered it and your kids can stay up late… there is a DAH event at AK on 4/12. It’s a great way to do all the big AK rides - including FoP over & over with little to no waits.

Thank you! Yes, the Ultimate Thrills tour is a splurge that I hope my kids enjoy! I was thinking about the AK after hours…might need to sneak that one in too! Then we could relax Easter morning. Thanks for the tip!

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looks like a good order to me.

It looks like the DAH event is on 4/14 at AK unless I’m not looking correctly at the calendar.

Opps! Yep… I misread it

What does DAH stand for?

What are you thinking for the 3rd MK FP?

Debating trying to get 7DMT or Splash. Going to ask the kids. We will be riding all of them again on Monday with our tour so I’m not sure what to try for.

If I read your plan correctly, you are planning AK on Day 60+3? If so, based on my experience, you might have trouble getting a FP for FOP. If you have the ability to push out your AK day, you might have a better shot. This website (The Dibb) is a good planning tool: https://www.thedibb.co.uk/forums/showpost.php?p=10123554&postcount=1
Right now, it looks like only afternoon FP’s are available for Day 60+3.

Thank you! It’s tough for us to switch the day but maybe with the new HS FPP info we may switch AK to Tuesday!

Disney After Hours. Welcome! I think there is an acronym page somewhere.

According to WDW website, the Ultimate Thrills Tour ISN’T available April 10-11, 2020.