FP+ Party issues

I was just trying to go into my FP+ on MDE on my desktop and I tried to create a party and it will not let me. I tried linking my vacation package and it said that my package was already linked to Mrs. L… W… and to contact that person. That person is me! What’s up? Should I call Disney or is this something liners can get me through?

Are you within your 60 day window?

No. I realized after more searching that I can’t access this portion of MDE until my window opens.

Thanks @Outer1

No problem. You will get all kinds of weird responses until your window opens and then suddenly it all works like magic. And don’t forget the window for booking them has changed to be the same as dining, 6am ET.

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I read that it was 7am ET.

It is lol… I was thinking 6 because i’m in central time, and it’s still early.

Glad I read this, I didn’t realize they changed the timing of FP+ reservations, once again, this site is an invaluable resource.