FP not cancelled when Guest cancelled?

We bought our vacation package through Magical Adventures Travel and with that had a generous cancellation policy of 5 days before the trip - my sister was always iffy - but we had her on our trip and cancelled her at about 10 days out. She is not on room Reservation and doesn’t have a ticket anymore - however, her FPs were not cancelled. . . which I thought was odd. (Her dining wasn’t either - but that I expected.)

So - my question is - can I take advantage of these FPs in any way? If I bring her magic band would they even work if she doesn’t have a ticket or hasn’t checked into the park? Should I just cancel them or let it be?

No. She needs to have used her ticket to get into the park before those FPs can be used.

If anyone is coming in her place, you can phone the IT helpdesk and ask them to transfer the FPs to the new guest (once they’re on the reservation). You can no longer do this yourself on the app or website.

I mean, you can probably use the first one and get to ride, but then your MDE account would be locked and you’d have to go to GS to get it unlocked (and a stern talking to).

I am in a similar situation. In our case the person who made the fastpass will not be going and she doesn’t care if her account is locked as she has no plans to go in the future and if that changes she can always create a new account with a new email address. So is ut only the person who made the fastpass reservation that will be locked?

I have no idea. It could be all the linked accounts.

Do you really want to risk not being able to use your next FPs, or book more, all for the sake of an extra FP?


I figured as much - I also don’t really know how I’d use them anyway in reality. Thanks!

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The extra fastpass is for FOP on our last day. Right now I am thinking it will be 3 to 6 years (or maybe never) before we go again. I am not a fan of the increased prices and we are not Disney fanatics. Yes, we enjoy it but we will happily go elsewhere as well.