FP MK reco for spring break trip

Heading to Orlando week of spring break (4/6-4/13). Doing MK on Sat Apr 8th cause touring plans says least busy day during that time. I have 3 9 year olds who DON’T do roller coasters. They would be fine riding rides that even 5 year olds enjoy. What would be your priority in obtaining 3 FPs?

Also, not staying at a Disney property and this is my first time going here with new FP pre- reservation system. I simply buy tickets and then choose my FP options? Or do I have to do something different since I’m not staying at Disney?

You’ll need to wait until 30 days out from your trip to make the FPs.

My thoughts would be:
Jungle Cruise
Peter Pan

When my DD was 9 she didn’t enjoy coasters either. Her favorites were Dumbo, Enchanted Tales with Belle, tea cups, Winnie the Pooh…pretty much anything in Fantasyland. We have arrived at the parks at rope drop and done this whole area with little to no wait. If your kids are into meeting the princesses, you might want FPs for them…especially Elena since she is new…or RD the princesses and FP the rides.

When we go in August, teacups and dumbo don’t seem to need a FP, but Peter Pan, Winnie, Belle, and tomorrow land speedway always seems to need FPs. Buzz Light Year is another FP ride she really enjoyed at that age…and still does.

I know this isn’t very specific, but a lot comes down to personal preference and what time you will get to the park…make those FPP selections right at 30 days out and you should be all set since you won’t be doing any of the headliner attractions. Have a great trip!!