FP ----> MaxPass - When?

It seems Disney has said, or so I’ve read on a couple blogs, to expect the new system by the end of the year. Our trip is near the end of October so I’m very curious if we will have the option to buy the new MaxPass or no.

Does anyone have insider info?

Seconding this question! I might have a quiet day to try DL for the first time in July and would really like to do fast passes on my phone.

Not sure of the complete answer but they just today (6/21) began scanning park tickets for FP return rather than taking up the paper FP’s. Now installed are the familiar (to me) FP±type scanners with the red/green light-up rings, which scan your park ticket itself. Supposedly this is the first step in transitioning to the MaxPass system, so it seems like it should be sooner rather than later.